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Change your life,
get hooked on Tango!

Dancing Salsa

Discover the beauty and passion of Argentine Tango with our beginner and intermediate classes. Our studio provides a friendly and welcoming environment where you can learn and grow as a dancer. Start your Tango journey now!

Join Our Classes

Tango Tuesdays


 Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an intermediate dancer wanting to strengthen your skills, our classes offer the perfect opportunity to improve your technique, connect with your partner, and immerse yourself in the passion and rhythm of this beautiful dance.  Separate introductory class for dancers with no experience.  Intermediate/group lessons with Eran Polat. 

Discover the world of tango with us!

7:00 - 10:30pm

Dinner Buffet included

Beginner Lesson (private room) - 7:00

Intermediate Lesson (private room) - 7:30

Buffet dinner - 8:00



170 Post Avenue

Westbury, NY

(parking & entrance is in the back)

For the time being, all ATL Tango classes will be held on Tuesdays.


Questions? Please call Sherry at (631) 495-1435

Monthly Milongas

atl milonga july 2024
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